The Week that was – NZFW Highlights

Hey Foxes,

You may have noticed things were a wee bit quiet around here over the past Week. This little fox was taking in all things fashion over New Zealand Fashion Week. Here is a re-cap of highlights on the Week that was..

I love Fashion Week, It’s a fantastic chance to meet others in the same industry, network and get a good feel for what is to come for NZ fashion. As a creative I love seeing what our local designers have on offer. I am a total sucker for fabrics, movement of garments and seeing new talent emerge. I just cannot get enough.

My schedule started with Rachel Mills.. This show was an installation. This meant that there were beautiful industrial lighted installations with a model at each station. It was beautifully lit, exciting and allowed each person to wander, capture photos and get up close with the garments. It was incredible.

The next show left me feeling, wanting and needing almost every single piece from the collection.. Company of Strangers.. Wow. Already one of my fave NZ labels I was super excited to see what they had in store.. I was not disappointed. AW18 Revenge.. “reflects an augmented reality, a woman once in love now filled with disdain. Her presents manifests itself in the clothes of her cheating lover, his masculine wardrobe infiltrated by delicate lace and wisp thin silk”

Unfortunately my phone was on the fritz and my photo’s are not the best but here is a wee snippet.. I am going to go broke acquiring this collection. So in love!

The NEW GEN show is always one of my faves as it shows emerging talent and talented they are. GEOJ a 17 Year old designer from Christchurch made her NZFW debut with a risque black on black collection.. Did we miss color? No, she had some great pieces! I loved the movement of the following garments and I need the coat..

I adored Luke Dawson with his collection “The boy from Goreville”.. I have a super soft spot for South Islanders being that some of my very close friends are from there.. He is quirky, talented and I need to add some of his pieces to my wardrobe. He created his own cartoon and crafted clothes featuring those drawings! So rad!

Hailwood.. Oh how I love Adrian. He is just the best. I own several Hailwood pieces and he always gets it right. He knows how to make beautiful, comfortable clothing.. Whether for casual wear or something show stopping and oh so glamorous.. This dress with its BEAUTIFUL dramatic sleeves is on my radar.. I have no where to wear it.. But I need it! Maybe I can be a super glam kindy drop off Mother.. No? I still need it!

Lela Jacobs.. This show was just beautiful. Taking place inside a Silo at Silo Park it was the perfect, echoed, ethereal, industrial yet beautiful space for this collection. The beautiful sound of drums, gongs and flutes echoed throughout the Silo whilst beautiful fabrics were floating past.. The stunning linens, beautiful knits, perfect coats and the beautiful draping, I was living for.. Oh most definitely a highlight of my Week! I will post a video on my instagram so you can see it in motion.. Just beautiful!

Jason Lingard.. WOW. We were treated to a incredible show. Incredibly talented dancers draped in beautiful clothing displayed the garments perfectly whilst they danced and moved with a dark essence around the runway. I have always been such a fan of Jason Lingard.. Movement is one of the biggest things for me with clothing.. And the way these beautiful garments were displayed was just something so special. From the moment the first dancer really moved in front of me I fell in love with the collection. Here are a few of my fave photos I captured from the show.. I really wanted to capture the essence of the movement.. It was beautiful.

I will have a dedicated post for the New Zealand Wedding’s show up within the next few days.

Jay – the fox in flora x

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