75cm Rose Gold. Image credit: Chris Turner Photographer

What services do you offer?
We offer custom Signage and Cake toppers not only for Weddings and Events but Businesses and anything else you could think of requiring a custom piece for! Along with custom Signage we offer Boutique Hire, Luxe Picnic services and Event design and Fabrication (this means we Fabricate pieces for other Vendors or Businesses)

What are your Signs made out of? Do you use other materials? 
Our signs are made out of Metal. The material that we use means they are sleek, light-weight, weatherproof and very well-made. They are easy to hang due to this and they will last for years to come, even outside! This being said, no, we do not use other materials like MDF or Acrylic. We are one of the only companies in the world using the metal that we use for our Signs and you will only get the luminous, glowing, standard finish from The fox in flora.

Do you offer other colours? 
Yes, we sure do! For an additional cost we offer endless colorways to suit whatever your requirements may be. If you want to match your sign to your Wedding colour scheme or have a particular colour in mind for your custom piece, just ask, we have access to high quality paints in hundreds of colours!

What is the turn around time? When should I order? 
We can accomodate almost any time frame, especially if you are local to us in Auckland. We recommend you allow at least 2 weeks for your Sign to be made and delivered, however if you have stumbled across us and you get Married or have an Event next week the likelihood of us being able to make you your dream sign is very high.. However as time is of the essence flick us a email and we will see what we can do. Ordering in advance is always a great idea, we have Brides and Grooms ordering as far as a year out as they don’t want to miss out! A prepared couple is a stress free couple.. Or so they reckon haha!

Do you offer postage? 
Yes we do, we ship our Signs Worldwide. Most orders are postage included within NZ excluding 1-1.2m diameter orders which have a shipping surcharge. Worldwide shipping costs depend on where you are located.

How much do your Signs cost?
As our orders are custom pricing varies depending on Client requirements. Our Clients have raved about the quality and affordability of our Signage. Flick us an email and let us know what you are after and we can give you a price. Our most common sizes are 38cm, 75cm, 1m and 1.2m. Cake toppers are made to suit the size of your Cake. Payment is required upfront for all Sign orders and work will not commence on your order until receipt of payment.

Can I have a “Mock up” before I pay? / Can I see the design before you cut?
We do not do complimentary mock ups as that requires designing your Sign. The cost of a Sign design is included in the price you pay. We don’t typically show designs before we cut, we have kept the cost of our Wedding and Event Signage prices down by offering a design included in the cost, that and it can be very hard to imagine what your sign will look like as a finished product looking at a drawing. 90% of our clients do not see a design, they let us know what they want and we work our magic to create it. If you would like a inclusive service where you want to be able to make changes / receive multiple designs we are happy to offer that to you with additional design fees.

How do we go about hiring from The fox in flora? 
Browse our hire range and flick us an email letting us know what you are interested in hiring and for what date, we will check the availability and can go from there. If you are after something specific and can’t seem to find it let us know and we might just be able to help!

How much is Delivery? Can we collect? Do you travel out of Auckland? 
Delivery is calculated on km from Fox HQ and occasionally time required (depending on booking and items). Our pricing does not include set up unless stated otherwise. If you are wanting set up additional costs will apply. Most items can be collected from us in Avondale, Auckland.. We are happy to travel, just flick us an email and we can go from there.

Do you require a Bond?
Yes. Bond cost varies depending on items hired. Bonds are returned once goods have been returned safely. If damages, breakages or loss are greater than the bond, the hirer will be responsible for paying the full replacement value.

Do you require a Deposit?
Yes we do. And it is required within 7 days of the Invoice being sent to reserve your booking. The remaining amount of your booking is required to be paid in full no later than 2 months from the Event date. If your booking is less than 2 months from your Event date, payment is required in full.

How long is a hire period? 
Our hire period is 3 days, however your hire is valid for one Event only. 3 days is Industry standard and allows for set up, your event day and collection/return. Hire periods longer than 3 days need to be Quoted, arranged and agreed upon prior to payment. Penalty’s apply for late returns.

Please note that requesting an Invoice is as good as booking, this is not a Quote, Quotes are discussed prior to Invoicing. Please do not request an Invoice if you are not locking your booking in. Your booking will not be reserved until the Deposit is made however failure to proceed with booking may acquire a $15 administration fee. Comprehensive hire Terms & Conditions are standard and are included with your Invoice. You or someone on your behalf will be required to Sign an additional form when collecting or receiving a Delivery.

All concepts, drawings and designs are the property of The fox in flora. Please do not attempt to recreate our work without our written permission. This includes but is not limited to, taking images of The fox in floras work to other Businesses for Quotes or recreation.